ludoWic isolated himself in a chapel for his new album. Check Facebook and Instagram for al the news and posts about #‎ChapelSessions.

We are very satisfied with all the recordings made!
Thanks to al the guests, it was great working with you!
Kevin Stunnenberg aka The Cinema Escape, Tom Broshuis and Wende Snijders aka Wende.
Thanks to the whole team who made this possible!!!: Jeroen Bronckers, Edwin Vermeulen, Timo Reisiger, The Bakery, Fabian Gunzel, Max Beekman, Geert van Hoesel aka De Fabrikeur, Maurice van Kampen, Rogier Wagenaar, Mike Schellekens, Erik Bik, Tim Timmermans…
Thanks to Mark en Athanasia Hasperhoven from the UrsulinenKapel for the stunning location and great hospitality!
Many thanks to all the fans for your support!!!