A Blinding Light Moment

Title : A Blinding Light Moment
Release Date : 2015

Produced by: ludoWic

All music written by Thijs Lodewijk except:
Get It Now: Rias Baarda & Thijs Lodewijk | Skip A Day: Rias Baarda, Bart Dietvorst | In The Fade: Siep van Rijswijk & Thijs Lodewijk | Lobotomy: Kevin Stunnenberg & Thijs Lodewijk

Strings on The Only Green Light by: Ben Mathot, Mark Mulder & David Faber
Drums on Skip A Day and Lobotomy by: Dave van den Dries

Recorded & engineered by: Joost van den Broek & Jos Driessen
at Sandlane Recording Facilities
Mixed by: Joost van den Broek at Sandlane Recording Facilities & ludoWic
Mastered by: Barney Broomer at Sonic One Mastering

Art direction by: ludoWic & Timo Reisiger
Artwork, design & photography by: Timo Reisiger

Executive producers: Maxod & ludoWic for Wic Recordings

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